Thursday, March 6, 2008

Undead Love

It all started
On boy's first day at school
Joining his primary school friends
On the very same day
It was also girl's birthday
Boy's friends joke at girl;
"Hey, your 'birthday present' is here!"
Girl got shy and replied;
"Wei, I got boyfriend already lah."
Boy couldn't care much about the joke
And gave his friends a grim face.

For the next few days
Boy begins to develope feelings for girl
But he know he can't get her
So he told his best friend about it
But friend accidentally said it out
And girl found out about it
During recess, girl approaches boy and asked;
"You like me, don't you?"
Boy got furious with his friend
And quickly said;
"No." And coolly walked away
A kind of disappointment hit girl
For she likes him too
And had broken up with her boyfriend.

One night,
Girl confesses everything to her parents
Hoping that they will understand her
But they objected to her relationship with boy.
As the saying goes;
"Words can cut where knives can't"
That is just how girl felt after that
She went into her own room
And started crying quietly to herself.

Later in the midnight
Girl called boy
"Hello?" boy answered in a sleepy voice
"Hello. It's me," girl replied, sobbing softly
"Oh, hey! Why'd you call me this late?" boy asks
".... I just want you to know that I love you," she answered
"Huh? Why are you telling me this? And why are you crying?" he asked in surprise
But she had hung up the phone.

A creepy feeling comes to boy
Boy started thinking;
"Why would she tell me all this, and why is she crying?"
Suddenly, an answer came
An answer which he dread would happen
So he rushed over to girl's house.

When boy arrived
Everyone was already sleeping
He quietly crept into girl's room
And found her lying on a blood-soaked bed
A blade was found in her hand and her wrist cut
She had commited suicide
Boy then fell onto his knees and burst into tears.
"Why did you do this?" he asks
He then took the blade from her hand
And cut his own wrist

The next morning
Girl's parents woke up
And found boy and girl
Lying next to each other on the bed in girl's room
They were holding each other's hand, dead
A blade with blood stains was found in boy's hand
Then girl's parents found a note on the bedside table
The note, apparently written by boy, says


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