Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hari Pameran 2010

My school's Hari Pameran this year would be my last. After much hype by my friend Timothy Tan, I was hoping to see our very own police force's Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X highway patrol vehicles up close and get a feel of the car by sitting in it. But all that came was the Federal Reserve Unit's Scania truck. Initial thoughts was, "Damn it! Where's the Evo?!". All things considered, it was quite cool to see it, actually. How often do you get to see an FRU truck, let alone being able to climb up and sit in it? My thoughts exactly. My day started out waiting for my club to set-up our exhibits of the day, but the officers from the Jabatan Penerangen was not there until almost noon, so all I did was hang around with the police cadets and wait for their show vehicles to come while at the same time running around doing errands for teachers. After assembly was over I took my time walking about the school with my Form 6 friends, talking lots of craps and dissing things that desn't fancy us (what's so nice about the 'Haunted House' anyway? It's been the same every year after all!). Come 11.30 a.m when I was supposed to be on duty for 2 hours at my club's exhibition booth, I was told that I can discharge myself at 12.00 p.m because the officers will be off by that time (WOW!! That was some easy job, eh? XD ). By almost 12.30 I stationed myself at the school gates and watched out for people trying to run out of school before 3.00, the time when everyone goes back. Pandemonium broke out when one of the teachers said that we would be going back at 3.30 instead. Everyone got pretty angry when we heard that because according to the letter of informant issued the day before it says that school would be over at 3.00. More problem ensued when some parents came up to me and demanded to know what was this about. As I have no clear idea on what caused that change, I brought them to the principal's office to discuss the problem. But alas all was settled and the school gates were finally opened to all at the original time of 3.00. All in all, this year's Hari Pameran is better than the years before not just because it is my last year in school, but in terms of exhibits and fun that everyone had.

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