Thursday, July 19, 2012

rFactor: Driving Simulator

The recent discovery of a simulator racing game called "rFactor" has taught me a lot about car control. As the name 'simulator' implies, cars are all made with physics as authentic or as close as their real-life counterparts. Driving each and every car can be a real challenge and fun, because you will learn about what different engines and tunings can do to one's car. This game can be downloaded from rFactor's own website. Just Google "rFactor download". Even cars can be downloaded and added into the game yourself. If you know what you want, again just Google it.

For me, I play this mainly for the sake of racing. Most of the time though, I am learning and practising drifting, putting all the drift theories that I have learned by myself to test. Playing in game also allows me drift without the need to worry about crashing a real car. It all works as I know, although some of the drift skills does not work well in this game and requires some re-think of my own to make them work.

Overall though, this is a very good game and I highly recommend it to any petrolheads out there who is looking a driving game that is real and challenging.

Some screenshots from the game.

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