Friday, February 8, 2008


I happened to watch "CJ7" at a relative's house today. It was so hilarious!! Stephen Chow's trademark comedy is still there. There were some scenes where the idea came from Chow's previous show, "Kung Fu Hustle". "CJ7" tells the story of poor labourer Ti and his son, Dicky (Xu-Jiao) who lives in a rundown shack. Ti alwyas scour around a garbage dump site looking for everyday items to use at home. Being unable to buy his son a present (he uses all his money to pay his son's school fees), Ti manages to find a toy for Dicky at the dump site. But the thing is the 'toy' is actually an alien (whom Dicky named as CJ7). They plan to make a living from the alien, but it has other plans instead. At the end of the day, this show comes out more as a heart-warming movie for the family than as a slapstick comedy Stephen Chow is well-known for.

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