Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Guns & Bloods Fly

The other day, I went to the cybercafe and had a game of Counter-Strike with Syariffuddin. It was so stupid. He just went around inside the airplane in the 747 map. When I saw him, I found out the I cannot shoot because my shoot command was fixed at the 'Enter' button. I got shot and lost. On the 2nd round, I went into the airplane and found him when he suddenly rush into me headlong. I just panicked slightly and shoot a great amount of bullet. That killed him. 3rd round commences, with the same thing happened as in the 2nd round. I won again. 4th round was my worst game ever. I was in the conveyer belt room when he came across me. He walked past me and we turned around to kill off each other. While shooting, we ran out of bullets at the same time. Syarif was quick enough to reload before I do, and he shot me and won that round. On the 5th round, the weird thing happened. I was at the luggage compartment, and he was at the staircase that comes down to here. I saw him first at the staircase, released a few shots and he did the same. He walked away for cover, while I went back down. Then he threw a grenade and it landed around 1.5 metres away from me. It should have killed me, but he died instead. It might have been due to the impact for standing above the explosion spot. So, the final score: Jay-3 Syarif-2

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