Thursday, March 22, 2012

Revival Of A Momentum

Hello again guys! It's been a tough start to the 2012 year as I am not able to keep to my resolution to blog more often. But nevertheless, I'd try to write here as much as I can whenever I'm free. Life is college can be tough and stressful. Lots of assignments and quick deadlines. I failed my first semester and was lucky enough not having the need to re-sit the whole semester, as my chosen course (Product Design) is the less preferred course and thus, has lesser students (4 in total for my semester including myself, to be exact). Thus, all that was required of me was to re-submit the works for my failed subjects before semester 2 ends. I did that, and I passed both the first and second semester. Well, how's that for a revival? ;-D Hopefully I can keep this great momentum up.

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