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Details :
1) Published in Germany as Tintenherz by Cecelie Dressler Verlag, Hamburg, 2003
2) Cover illustration copyright 2003 by Carol Lawson
3) Inside illustration copyright 2003 by Cornelia Funke
4) Book design by Elizabeth B. Parsi

If you are a dreamer, come in
If you are a dreamer, a wisher, a liar,
A Hope-er, a Pray-er, a Magic Bean buyer,
If you're a pretender, come sit by my fire
For we have some flax-golden tales to spin
Come in !

Come in !

Shel Silverstein


Meggie Folchart (Eliza Bennett)
The daughter of Mo and Resa, now living with her parents and her mother's aunt Elinor. Like her father, Meggie has the rare magical ability to read characters out of books -- to bring them into this world by reading the words aloud. But since meeting Fenoglio, the author of the original INKHEART, she now dreams of being able to write as well as she can read -- so that she can not only bring characters out of books but also send them back in again.

Mortimer Folchart, known as Mo or Silvertongue
(Brendan Fraser)
A bookbinder or , as his daughter calls him a "book doctor." Meggie says he can "paint pictures in the air with his voice." Since experiencing the awful consequences of reading Dustfinger, Capricorn, and Basta out of their story and almost losing his wife forever, he has avoided reading aloud. Mo is now troubled by his daughter's dangerous fascination with the world of INKHEART.

Resa or Teresa (Sienna Guillory)
Mo's wife. Meggie's mother, and Elinor's favorite niece. Resa is new safely back with her family but has still to recover from the years she spent to trapped in the INKWORLD, her time in service to the evil Mortola, and losing her voice. She tells Meggie of her life on the other other side of the pages, scribbling down her memories on paper.

Elinor Loredan (
Helen Mirren)
Resa's aunt, a book-collector, also known as "the bookworm." Elinor once preferred her book to human company but is now happy to have Meggie, Mo, and Resa living with her. Darius, the book-loving but stammering storyteller, is also now a part of her household.

Formerly Capricorn's reader in the first book of Inkheart, Darius, like Mo, and Meggie, possesses the ability to read characters out of stories - but damages them if he stutters over words. He now helps Elinor in her library. Basta calls him Stumbletoungue.

Fenoglio, also known as "Inkweaver" (Jim Broadbent)
Author of the original book Inkheart, from which Basta, Dustfinger, and Capricorn came -- and, with Meggie and Mo's help, the writer of the words used to get rid of Capricorn. He disappeared into his own story that same night.

Dustfinger (Paul Bettany)
A fire-eater Mo accidentally read out of the pages of Inkheart. He is also known as "the fire-dancer." Plucked from his story, Dustfinger has lived in our world for ten years and would risk anything to go home to the Inkworld. At the end of the first book, he stole from Mo the last remaining copy of Inkheart. He owes the three scars on his face to Basta's knife and is never without Gwin, his tame marten, or his young apprentice Farid.

Farid (Rafi Gavron)
A boy read by Mo out of Tales of the Arabian Nights, he is devoted to Dustfinger. Nimble and quick witted, he has a talent for stealing and other robbers' arts, developed in his previous life. He also has a soft spot for Meggie.

Dustfinger's pet, a horned marten intended by Fenoglio to play a deadly part in his original tale of Inkheart.

Capricorn (Andy Serkis)
The brutal leader of a gang of mercenary fire-raisers, he was read out of the pages of Inkheart. He choose his name over his star sign, Capricorn. Unlike Dustinger, Capricorn enjoyed his time in this world. He made it his business to burn every remaining copy of Inkheart in an attempt to avoid ever returning to the story. But eventually, with the help of Meggie and Fenoglio, he is destroyed by Mo.

Basta (Jamie Foreman)
One of Capricorn's most devoted henchmen. Superstitious and in love with his knife, he once slashed Dusfinger's face. At the end of the first book he made his escape, follwed by Capricorn's mother, Mortola.

Mortola (Lesley Sharp)
Capricorn's mother, also known as "the Magpie." A poisoner, she kept Resa enslaved for many years as her servant. Her greatest wish is to see Mo punished for what he has done to her son.


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