Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Trip To The Mines

I went to the Mines yesterday with Jo Lynn, Michelle, Jen Ai, Kate-lyn, Rachel and Jo Lynn's sister, Jia Hui. Funny, as I was the only guy there T.T..... Anyway, we went to Jo Lynn's house for lunch. Her mom cook spaghetti for us (I must say her mom is a real genius! I have never ever thought about mixing cheese with spaghetti. But I never ate the spaghetti with the cheese, though, as I don't feel like mixing them in case something disastrous happens). Later we went to watch "Quantum Of Solace", the latest James Bond movie. As it seems, "Quantum Of Solace" isn't as good as "Casino Royale". While Daniel Craig's first outing as the famous British super-spy sees him taking down Le Chiffre in a high-stakes poker game and nearly got killed, the sequel sees him running around the world (well, literally) trying to find the traitor who betrays and causes the death of his lover Vesper Lynd. Although Bond claims that he is not motivated by revenge while carrying out his duties, M thinks the otherwise when villain Dominic Greene frames Bond for a chain of murders. As if in a trademark for 007 films, none of the cars used by Bond survived in all the car chases stunt, and the latest Aston Martin DBS is no exception as well. It's quite heart-wrenching to see such a beautiful car getting knocked and shot like crazy and the driver side door got ripped off from the body. Jo Lynn, who was sitting beside me in the cinema, was telling me, "He wasted such a nice car.....". (Sigh) Mr. Bond, maybe you should consider taking good care of your beautiful and expensive car next time around. It is already costing Mi6 a fortune to fund you in your missions. After the show, Michelle wanted to go bowling. Well, Michelle got hooked to playing bowling since the Genting trip. She was never interested before that. But first, the girls have to get socks for themselves. Things never went well for me in bowling since the Genting trip. All the ball that I throw seems to go into the gutters. My last shot got my arm in pain, as I strained my muscle when I swung my arm too hard. I say, I will lose my arm if I ever hurt it again. An unhappy Michelle was complaining about her lame throws which keep going into the gutters. Jo Lynn manage to got her first strike in a bowling game, but suffered muscle cramp at her foot at the end of the game.

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