Tuesday, November 25, 2008

James Bond's Rides: Aston Martin DB5

The Aston Martin DB5 proved to be the most fmous Bond ride ever. It first appeared in "Goldfinger", followed by "Thunderball" and "GoldenEye" as well as cameo apparances in "Tomorrow Never Dies" and "Casino Royale". In "Goldfinger", the car came equipped with revolving number plates, pop-out machine guns concealed behind the front signal lights, telescoping tyre slashers, bullet shield behind the rear windscreen, a radar screen for tracking the homing devices Bond drops into other people's cars, smokescreen, spiked nails (calthrops) for puncturing tyres of villains in pursuit and also oil slicks ejector as well as the famous ejector seat to rid of any unwanted passengers, activated via a button hidden in the gearknob. Later in "Thunderball", a rear water cannon was added. When "Goldfinger" was released in 1964, the equipments in this DB5 was considered to be way ahead of its time. For its cameos in "Tomorrow Never Dies" and "Casino Royale", the DB5 is not equipped with any of those features above.

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