Friday, November 14, 2008


If there is one show that me and Jo Lynn like, it would be Jay Chou's highly-successful 2007 directorial debut movie, "Secret" that garnered him the 'Best Visual Effects', 'Best Original Film Song' and 'Outstanding Taiwanese Film of the Year' awards at the 44th Golden Horse Awards. "Secret" is a Taiwanese romance film with a sci-fi twist that focuses heavily on music and piano (Jay's forte). This movie is still the ONLY show to date that is capable of touching my heart and make me cry for real. It tells the story of Ye Xiang Lun (played by Jay Chou), a music student majoring in piano, who on his first day at Tamkang (Danjiang) High School meets Lu Xiao Yu (played by Kwai Lun-Mei) after being led to the piano building by the mysterious tune she played. When he asks her about the song she was playing, she tells him that it is a secret that cannot be told. The two to developed a relationship that is clouded in mystery. But misunderstanding takes place between them after Xiao Yu thought Xiang Lun actually likes his classmate Qing Yi (played by Alice Tzeng) and after seeing the two kissing and embracing each other on one fateful night, Xiao Yu seemingly disappears from this world. Xiang Lun was left to piece back the puzzle in order to find his lover again. It was not until the night of Xiang Lun's graduation that his discipline teacher father (played by Anthony Wong) told him that Xiao Yu had actually died 20 years ago on the same day due to asthma. As explained by Xiang Lun's, when Xiao Yu told his father and her mother that she had actually travelled to the future with a piano piece called "Secret" and met a boy (who happens to be Xiang Lun), everyone thinks she is crazy. Upon hearing the whole truth, a visibly shaken Xiang Lun quickly cycle back to the magical piano, which is about to be destroyed together with the piano building while his father discovers what Xiao Yu said to him last time was real. He runs after Xiang Lun, but in vain. Xiang Lun finishes the piano piece at the last minute, which Xiao Yu taught him on the day he told her that the piano building would be demolished, and goes back in time. He cannot return to the future because the piano is demolished, and the film ends with Xiang Lun and Xiao Yu getting their graduation photo taken, in 1979.

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