Thursday, January 29, 2009

Chinese New Year In Ipoh

Right now I'm in Ipoh for Chinese New Year holiday. So far nothing really special has occured yet, but I'm missing Jo Lynn. Today I have bought a book called "The Fire Thief". It's an adventure-comedy story that tells the misadventures of an ancient Greek God named Prometheus with human kind. Well, I wondered how long has it been since I last bought a story book. I manage to finish this book in one day and can't wait to get the next 2 follow-up books, "Flight Of The Fire Thief" and "The Fire Thief Fights Back". And I have written a poem by accident, inspired by my liking of the fresh and clean environment of Ipoh. Here it is:

I walked a thousand miles
Without any destination or purpose
Yet I reached a place
Where the air is fresh
And the scenery is breath-taking
Somewhere yet unexplored
By the greedy and selfish hearts of mankind
But as time goes by
This place shall be destroyed and mared
By constant development
In this modern world of evolution
To retain the beauty of this place
It is up to the efforts
Of the government and us humans
Because the last thing we would ever know
Is that we have lost another piece of national treasure

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