Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Final Frontier

Perhaps the name of this post doesn't make sense, but today was the last day for me to change from my ICT stream to Science stream, or to make things more accurate, from 4A7 to 4A9. I was left with my last option of calling my dad to school for help, but opportunities popped-out of nowhere. Jo Lynn and my pal Syariffudin aka 'Din Kecil' wants to leave their 4A9 class and come into 4A7, while me and Su Poh wants to get out of this wretched 4A7 class. Su Poh has already exchanged with Jo Lynn, so I'll be exchanging with Din. That stubborn teacher in charge Pn. Yong says I'll only get my confirmation from her tomorrow. Now I'm hoping I will really get to go to Science stream tomorrow.

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