Friday, January 2, 2009

The Year That Went Past.....

Oh... My... God...!! I didn't realize I haven't post anything for New Year 2009! Sorry guys... Anyway, 2008 has been an incredible and tremendous year for me, but everything just went by SOOO quickly. Most of the memorables events that happened to me revolves around cars (as usual...). Well, what else did I do to make 2008 memorable? For starters, it must be that Genting trip that I had with my school pals as a post-PMR fun trip. We had a lot of fun, and I was able to see my other friend's cheeky, hilarious and ridiculous sides that I had never seen before in school. Then 3 days ago I got my PMR results, and what a shock I had when I got better result than I had expected, 4As, 2Bs and 1C to be exact. And I never realized this: I HAD BEEN BLOGGING FOR MORE THAN A YEAR ALREADY! :-0 What a surprise! But the most memorable one has got to the one that occured on 8 November. What is that? Find out yourself! My new year resolutions? Just one: keep things in my life as simple as possible (based it on my policy of "Simplicity can be deceptive". :D).

Before I sign off, I would like to wish my best friends, fellow bloggers and the world a very Happy New Year 2009. (Okay, Happy Belated New Year 2009, if you insist... =.=)

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