Tuesday, March 17, 2009

15 Things You Should Know About Me

01. I have very sensitive smelling and hearing senses
Yes, my nose and ears are very sensitive to smells and sounds respectively. For example, there's a cockroach in my house kitchen but eventhough I couldn't see it, I can smell its presence. Likewise, if an alarm clock starts ringing somewhere in my house when it shouldn't be, I would be able to hear it eventhough my parents or anyone in my house can't.

02. When I say I'm cold, it is usually my hands that will be cold
My hands, not my arm, would go cold first whenever I'm at somewhere cold.

03. I type out words on a computer keyboard without looking at the screen
Seriously, while others would look at the screen as they type at breakneck speed to make sure there would not be spelling mistakes or stuff, I would be looking at my keyboard as I type instead to be fast. Detection of mistakes and spelling errors all come from my instincts.

04. I have no proper idea on how to play any musical instruments
Yes, not even the "easiest-to-play" musical instruments, but I make up for it in singing.

05. I will never smoke and do drugs
Yes, I swear to God.

06. I hate tattoos and piercings
Yes, it makes people looks like they are some gangsters, unruddyy street punks or something.

07. I share quite some things in common with my favourite singer, Jay Chou
We're professionals in our respective fields (he in music, me in cars), lousy in handling relationships (as he puts it, "Sometimes I'm a bit dumb and slow. Sometimes I don't even know how to cope with them appropriately....") and flunked our studies.

08. I like writing stories and poems
I'm more into stories, actually. Poems only come when I'm in a sad and lousy mood or when I'm inspired (or influenced, as my special someone puts it). I have already written one story entitled "Twilight's Chapter 7". I am also having the idea of being an author if I fail to be a car designer. By the way, my author name is Tsu Hei Lun.

09. I hate it when people start telling stupid gossips and rumours about me
Especially when all these gossips and rumours gets me into trouble or is unreasonable.

10. I believe in justice
I also hate it when people do things unfairly or contemplating to do something behind my back and like to backstab others.

11. I never comb my hair
Since Form 1 I have never combed my hair anymore. It's the way I want my hair to be.

12. I have a huge problem with learning accounts
Yes, seriously. I have trouble putting and dividing everything in a statement into required respective categories.

13. I like have a little problem with eating kimchis
Indeed. They taste weird when I first ate it, but then I realize it was actually the way of cooking that influences the way it taste.

14. I am lousy in taking care of pets
I suck in this BIG TIME! A school of fishes, a tortoise and 2 chicks died on me.

15. I always fail my Arts examinations
...but I am still better off with designing cars! HAHAHA!!! :P

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