Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bleak Future Ahead...

The world of motorsport seems to be dying a slow death due to the world economic crisis. On November 4, Honda Motors Co. pulled outof Formula 1, stating that it needs the fund to continue running its core car manufacturing business. Then on 15th November, Suzuki pulled out of the World Rally Championship (WRC), followed suit by Subaru the following day. The exit of Subaru would hit fans, supporters and particularly its sales hard for Subaru depended on its rallying image for sales of their cars. As one can see, those companies mentioned above are all Japanese, so it looks like that the Japanese are the worst hit by the crisis. I would not be surprised if Mitsubishi pulls out of the infamous Paris-Dakar Rally soon. The future of motorsports really do look bleak now..., if the world economy condition remains in the same state like now.

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