Sunday, December 7, 2008


What is 'neckchains', you may ask? Well, it's my interpretion of necklaces for guys. To hear that a guy wear 'necklaces' sounds odd, isn't it? Well, here's my collection of 'neckchains', which I might add, most of it are special one-off customised from all sorts of things that I can find by myself (with a little help from my mom, of course!):

This one was given to me as a keychain by Jo Lynn on my birthday this year, but I decided to change it into a neckchain after I saw it as my lucky charm that gave me luck at certain circumstances. Now I'm wearing it wherever I go, even at home, but not to school, of course!

This one's given to me by my mom. It's a pendant of 'God of Happiness'.

This is a bug cicada pendant, if you can't see it clearly. What's a cicada, eh? Go find out yourself on the internet.

This one is quite silly, actually. If you look closer, you'll find a 'Hotwheels' logo right in the middle. Yes, it came from one of my 'transformable' toy car set. But I see it has potential to be a nice neckchain, so I customised it into one.

This dog tag comes in two seperate piece, but I decided to put them together after being inspired by some war movies.

I don't know what is this, for my mom bought it. But the logo on it seems to resemble Boy Scouts' logo.

This green pendant is a spare item. There's two red fishes on the surface, see? It's my star sign, Pisces.

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BLITZ JC said...

haha...hotwheels neckchains..i got a few of them....