Saturday, December 20, 2008

Users Of Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 Please Take Note!

To all users of Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 users, please take note! Microsoft Inc. has recently found a serious flaw in the widely-used internet browser which allows hackers to gain total control over your computer system. This problem, called the 'Zero-day' vulnerability, will only take place when users click on certain internet links which then goes on to allow the hackers to gain access to important informations, datas and subsequently, total control of your computer. Once your computer has been affected, the hackers can gain control of your computer the moment you are connected to the internet, regardless if you're using the web browser or not. Most of the affected links are from Chinese websites. Microsoft. has also warned users that although this case is reported happening to Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 so far, older versions are also vulnerable to this threat, although the risk is much lower. Microsoft is now working on to create a patch to fix the problem out of their usual monthly update. Meanwhile, security experts hace advised users to use alternative web browsers for now until the patch is released. Initial symptoms of this problem includes the inability to access the internet, online chatting software like Windows Live Messenger and MSN Messenger are unable to open or sign in as well as the inability to open the Task Manager.

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